Connecticut Scuba Academy is dedicated to training our public safety divers to the highest standards in the industry. This is why we choose to teach ERDI, the largest most recognized name in the industry.

ERDI is the only fully insured agency offering standardized public safety training that is OSHA and NFPA compliant, and also meets FEMA team standards.

ERDI Courses

ERD Tender


 The ERD Tender Course trains team personnel to properly line tend and  participate within the public safety dive team in a non-diving roll. The  ERD Tender role is so critical to the success of the mission and the  team, some teams utilize their most experienced diver to fulfill the  role. 



 This first level Emergency Response Diving Course is designed to give  the certified open water diver, or open water certified public safety  diver, the fundamental skills needed to safely function as part of an  OSHA and NFPA compliant public safety dive team in both the diver and  tender roles. 

ERD Full Face Mask Operations


 The ERD Full Face Mask Course provides the skills and knowledge for the  ERD diver to utilize full face masks for emergency response diving. 

ERD Drysuit Ops


 The ERD Dry Suit Ops Course develops the knowledge and skills that are  necessary for dry suit diving operations in emergency response diving.  Introducing fundamental skills of dry suit diving and other important  topics such as; encapsulation, contaminated environments, protecting  portable water supplies and decontamination procedures. 

ERDI Contaminated Water Diver


 The ERDI Diving in Contaminated Water Ops Component is one of the most challenging public safety diver training programs. 

Divers should be prepared to spend long hours in their PPE as well as  cleaning PPE and demonstrate proficiency of all contaminated water  skills and techniques, dive assessment and parameters and a high level  of awareness. Dives incorporate hazard recognition and handling, use of  specialized equipment; decontamination equipment, full face mask and  surface supplied air delivery systems require additional training.

What’s in it for you and your team: safety and awareness, giving you  and your team more tools for environmental risk assessment resulting  short and long term health benefits.

ERDI Testifying in Court


 This awareness level course is designed to introduce the non-law  enforcement public safety diver or team member to the court system and  the requirements and techniques of presenting testimony in legal  proceedings. 

 The purpose of the ERDI Testifying in Court program is to provide  insight into the requirements and techniques of presenting testimony in  legal proceedings, provide insight into legal systems and how criminal  legal processes work.

After successful completion of ERDI Testifying in Court program, the  non-law enforcement public safety diver or team member will have a  better understanding of the court system, how to present testimony and  how to prepare for testimony as well.



 The ERD II Course furthers the public safety diver’s knowledge and  advances skill sets for emergency response diving. The ERD II Course  will examine lifting techniques, encapsulation, a victim’s death, as  well as, physiological changes a submerged body undergoes, mechanics of  drowning, handling of remains, environmental issues, full face mask and  dry suit use. 

ERD Supervisor


 The ERD Supervisor Course is to qualify the experienced emergency  response divers to supervise emergency response diving teams. It also  serves to develop leadership qualities as a prerequisite for ERDI  Instructor. 

ERD Ice Diving Operations


 The ERD Ice Diving Ops Course is designed to acquaint the certified ERD I  Diver with many of the hazards associated with ice diving, overhead  environments, and how to plan and execute an ice penetration mission. 

ERDI Underwater Crime Scene Investigation


 The purpose of the ERDI Underwater Crime Scene Investigations Program is  to provide necessary skills and knowledge in performing underwater  crime scene investigations, preservation, and proper documentation for  court-ready testimony. 

ERDI Hull Inspection



This course is designed to provide information and hands on training  to students and dive team members who may be called upon to search the  hulls of vessels in port and at anchor as part of security screening,  evidence recovery or other purposes.

Underwater hull inspections are considered an overhead environment  and as such require additional training, safety measures and team  protocols when these operations are occurring. It will often entail  additional risk, extremely poor diving conditions and specific skill  sets are required to accomplish the mission successfully.

ERDI Night Ops


 The ERDI Night Diving Ops Course is designed to acquaint the certified  ERDI Diver with all procedures, techniques, and potential hazards  associated with diving at night. By becoming familiar with the use of  dive lights, and night diving techniques, tending procedures,  communications, and buoyancy control, the diver will be able to plan and  execute a night dive with maximum safety.