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Connecticut Scuba Academy is a non-profit volunteer organization. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunity's in multiple fields of Underwater Sciences.  The courses that the Academy offers often exceed the  standards, scope and time of retail outlets. Our services are offered to participating Public & Private High schools, University's and Public Safety teams. 

Our classes are geared towards educational and vocational training more than recreational, however, we do provide recreational scuba certification programs for other organizations and non profits like the Scouts, YMCA and assorted Veterans groups.  We believe in No Limits! anyone and everyone can experience and participate in the underwater environment. 

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If you belong to or know of an educational based organization that would benefit from or would like to partner with the Academy on specific or ongoing projects please contact us at  ctscubaacademy@ctscuba.org    

 The Academy has been lucky enough to partner with the Sound School in New Haven CT to develop Scientific dive programs for High schools and University's, this is the only program of its kind in Connecticut and one of only a few in the United states. Our program is designed to introduce students to the underwater environment in their freshman year and have them performing scientific dives within NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)  and AAUS ( American Academy of Underwater Sciences)  dive standards by the time they graduate. 

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Connecticut Scuba Academy Inc

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Meet some of our partners & Corp Sponsors

The Sound School


  Connecticut Scuba Academy  has been lucky enough to partner with this unique High school.   The Sound School prepares  students for college, careers, and life in a maritime focused  environment.

Coupled  with rigorous academics and a dedicated faculty, we have become  Connecticut’s premier aquaculture/agriculture science and technology  education center (ASTE).

“Our kids perform professional tasks, present at  professional conferences, and are often teaching others how to DO when  they go off to college and work. Our students are using equipment often  not touched until junior/senior year of college. Plus, how many high  school kids get to build an ROV (remotely operated vehicle), a boat, or  operate a 40 ton USCG certified vessel?”. 

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New England Dive Center



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Pirates Cove Water Sports


Located 3 miles off the US 1 stretch on Key Largo. Our shop is in the heart of the Key  Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort property at mile marker 103.800.  We  are your one stop shop for any of your favorite watersports. We offer a variety of different activities from fast paced waverunners to relaxing sunset cruises. 

Pirates Cove Waters ports and our Southern Regional Director, Brian Gundaker, located in Key Largo are pivotal in our ability to operate year round and offer special programs. Because of our unique partnership we are able to offer educational programs on the reefs of southern Florida at reasonable prices.  

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We  here at Squalusmarine.com believe that exploration is in everyone's  DNA! So, We put our money where our mouth is! Squalus Marine Divers  has been filming all of our dives for 4 years. We film in a rustic  first-person style to give the viewer the gritty feel of actually being  there! (Not all of our dives are pretty!) 

The  videos allow us to take divers, and non divers along for the ride. We  hope to expose people to, not only the joys and excitement of Scuba  Diving, but also to various locations off the beaten path! 

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Meriden YMCA


The Meriden YMCA is a pivotal part of our programs and one of the locations we use for a majority of our training.

 In 2019 we are pleased to be joining the Meriden Y to offer a two week summer scuba camp for kids. This is very exciting for us and we hope its just the beginning of many great events to come.

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New Britain YMCA

 New England Dive center has  been a steadfast supporter of the Academy since our conception, not just financially and with equipment,  but they have been very supportive of all our ventures. 



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