Adventure Scuba Club


Join us in the crazy underwater world

Scuba divers never claimed to be normal!


Fun filled events

We have great underwater events like pumpkin carving, blindfolded hide and seek and much much more! 


The whole family

The whole family can join in on the fun!


Even your teenager might smile!


Its educational

Its all physics & Physiology!  but don't tell the kids they are learning you might distract them from the fun!


Character building

 This is no video game or virtual reality, your kids will actually interact with one another in problem solving scenarios without a controller or headset, heck they might even make a friend or two.      

How the program works



Connecticut Scuba Academy is proud to offer our own Adventure Club for kids 8-15 years old. 

This program is not just for entertainment, your children will learn about physics, physiology, environment and the mechanics of diving. As they attend sessions they will earn real SDI certifications and skills they can use the rest of their lives.

This is not your average two-hour intro course or your 4-day certification. When your kids complete this program, they will be solid divers, in fact If you’re a diver you may want to take a fundamentals refresher before taking them out with you for the first time (we don't want you to be shown up). 

The price is $100 for the first session this includes class material, class folder and registration fee, every session after will cost $30 per session equipment included, we accept checks and credit cards. Each session will last approximately 3 hours and be a mixture of class and pool. The pool sessions will be at the Meriden  or Berlin YMCA  every month. For our members 10 and up we will be doing some excursions in the warmer months to local dive sites.

We only have a limited number of volunteers so we can only accept a limited number of participants. 

Your child does not have to attend every session and there is no schedule or time limit, they will earn certifications based on their skill level.

You can register on our home page and please contact us with any questions.